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  • barberry

Some Properties of Barberry:

- Pigments in wood and plant skin are used to dye leather and wool
- Used to treat arthritis, biliary problems, diarrhea, fever, spleen inflammation, yellow wounds, back pain, eliminate the worms, heart problems, painful menstruation, liver problems, hemorrhoids and herpes
- Russians use it for uterine bleeding inflammation, gallbladder problems, hypertension, increasing bile secretion and also to regulate female organs
- It is full of Vitamin C
- Its fruits are diuretic and sputum and are also used to freshen the mouth
- Shell, root and stem are reinforcing, disinfectant, bile-resistant, diuretic and laxative
- Antibiotic effects on bacteria due to an alkaloid called Berberine
- Sulfate in this plant can be used against tumor systems

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